Pre-workout fuel before you hit the gym.

Fuel your body with foods that help you workout smarter, not harder. Raisins and apples provide a preferred source of energy to give you a turbo boost, while cashews leave you feeling satisfied, keeping hunger at bay. Research shows that nitrates, found in beets, oxygenate your blood and quiet muscle fatigue, helping you crush through your limits. Can’t “beet” that!


Carbohydrates are a preferred source of energy (particularly before exercise), and support favorable metabolic function. 1oz of raisins contains the same amount of carbohydrates found in commercial sports gels. Research


1oz of raw cashews provides 5.2g of protein and 12.4g of healthy fat, which both work to increase satiety and decrease hunger. Research


Beets are a good source of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and lessens muscle fatigue commonly associated with exercise. Research