Mental focus for the upcoming meeting, test, or game.

Focus on the task at hand when that meeting, test, or game is on the line. Research shows that eating fruits and veggies improves cognition. Walnuts provide slowly digested protein and healthy fats for fewer blood-sugar spikes. Our cold-pressed juice does wonders when you need to zero in, thanks to cucumbers and their ability to hydrate you for better focus. Concentration is the name of the game!

Banana Chips

The antioxidants found in fruits (including dried fruit) have been linked to improved cognition, which can lead to higher test scores. Research


According to the USDA nutrient database, 1oz of walnuts contains 15.9g of healthy fats and 4.3g of protein, which both contribute to blood glucose control. Research


Proper hydration prevents fatigue and promotes mental clarity. Cucumbers are 96% water. Research


Pomegranates contain beneficial antioxidants. Research